Flat Bag

Flat bags are bags without a gusset. They are typically sealed on 3 sides and may or may not have a zipper and/or tear notch. These are often seen in products with small volume of product and they lay flat a surface vs standing up like a stand up pouch would. We often produce these for single use applications.

The flat bag can be made without a tear notch allowing the package to be child resistant for single use applications. A heat sealer such as our PFS-200 hand sealer may have to be used on flat bags without a zip seal. This final seal is used to create an airtight barrier. The zipper does provide a seal but a heat seal will provide better barrier properties and protection for your product.

Stand-Up Pouch

The stand up pouch is a lighter weight and more efficient package type when compared to jars and vials. They are much lighter weight and as a result take up less energy during manufacturing, transport and for storage.  Stand up pouches can be fully printed and customized for your brand. Stand up pouches have a bottom gusset. This bottom gusset is the area on the base of the bag. This is what gives the package a base and foundation to stand. Different stand up pouch styles are used based on product type and package volume.

Spouted Pouch

The spouted pouch or spout pouch can be in both the flat bag and stand up pouch configuration. What makes the spout pouch different is it incorporates a dispensing orifice and cap vs a zipper seal or just a solid seal. This spout or opening is ideal for dispensing drinks, yogurt, sauces and other liquid and gel based products. This spout typically has threads so a cap can be reincorporated into the package top create a tight seal.

The spout pouch can be filled from the bottom, or filled from the top then heat sealed. Alternatively you can also fill the product directly into the spout opening. Typically for larger volumes spout pouches are sold on rails.

Hang Hole

This feature comes in two common forms: round or sombrero. Both features allow for a package to be suspended on metal hooks in your retail stores.


A thin piece of material that is located on the open of the bag that allows for easy loading usually seen on tamper evident pouches.

Tear Notch

Small cut in the seal of the bag, which allows the consumer to easily tear the bag open after being sealed.