Boxes can be used as a primary package but are often used as an additional protective packaging layer. Box thickness and style depends on the product type and how you want to position your product in the market.

Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons are ideal for smaller products and for final end consumer packaging. This type of box is usually made out of heavy cardstock or very light reinforced cardboard. Folding cartons provide an additional layer of protection. The individual product can be packed, transported and displayed in a POP (Point of Purchase) box. These POP folding carton boxes can be configured to turn into a display once the product is on the shelf. These POP boxes and be packed onto a pallet or can be put into an additional corrugated master case box for larger wholesale ales quantities.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated box is what may come to mind most when you are thinking about boxes. This type of box is made out of heavier corrugated cardboard material. The thickness also known as flute size of the box will depend on the product and how the box will be transported and displayed. The thinner the flute (types D & E) the easier it is to fold offering more flexibility with complex shapes and finishes. Larger flute sizes (type A & B) will provide better protection and cushioning for the product.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are used for more expensive luxury items or items that require a box with a rigid structure. The closure on rigid boxes is more typically a traditional mechanical lock or a magnetic latch. These boxes usually incorporate a foam, EPS or EVA lining. You will see this box used frequently for jewelry, perfume, pens, tools, electronic and devices.


Some products such as coated candy and other products can be packaged directly into a box but typically the product is flow wrapped first. Flow wrapping your product offers better protection against the environment and can help extend product shelf life. Utilizing a packaging machine such as the Abixs CP984 and compatible laminated film your product can be sealed in an air tight package at high speed. The product is wrapped in plain or custom printed laminated film. Boxes can be used to hold sealed glass or plastic jars for flower,concentrate and cosmetic applications. The additional protection a box offers greater protection for products packaged in tubes or vials.

For higher end applications a paper board vs paper stock material can be used and other options such as magnetic closures can be added. Metallic foil stamping, embossing, raised lettering and debossing options are available on both the thicker paper board and thinner paper stock materials. Child resistance features as well as tamper evident features can be incorporated into your custom box design.

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