Labels & Stickers

Labels and stickers are essential for product identification and legal compliance. These include product certificate of analysis labels, barcode labels as well as jar and pouch product labels. In addition we have many types of materials available depending on the look and feel you require. Special finishing options such as holographic, foil stamping and different textures can be used.


Product Labels

Product labels are necessary to identify a product and information about the product. Most relevant information such as type of product, brand, package size and warning information is typically included on product labels. The product label is the most visible label on the package and other labels such as updated ingredients lists or warning labels may be placed on top of the main product label.


Identification and Supplemental Labels

Labels that help identify or supply additional information such as for flavor or regulatory symbols are very common. These labels are normally smaller than the main product label and are placed within or around the main product label area.

Supplemental labels are commonly used if you just need to make a small addition or amendment to the main product label. You will see these labels on imported goods that require a language or legal information that differs from the country it was produced in.


Die Cut Labels

Die Cut labels are great for a more distinct personalized look. Though it sounds like something from the dark ages it is just a term referring to the process. The “die” is actually just a special sharp metal piece that performs the cutting process. This process involves cutting a label into the shape required for a design. It may be the ideal label type for logos and other graphics that look best with a more custom label shape.

These custom shaped rollers dies can be made based on your design or you can choose a shape from our inventory of stock dies available. Die-cut labels are a great choice for designs with an irregular or patterned border.

Need a label for your company?

We help our clients stay compliant and navigate the details of designing and developing attractive designs. By properly testing and labeling your products you can give your consumers and supply chain partners peace of mind. From bar code and manufacturing stickers to nutritional facts and ingredients list labels. The information that matters most can be incorporated into your final design. You can count on us to get it printed the right way based on your application.


We Offer:

Product Brand Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Warning Labels

Certificate of Analysis Labels (COA)

Product Identification Labels

Allergy Warning Labels

Dispensary Labels

Product Nutritional Facts and Ingredients Labels

Marketing Stickers

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