CannaPack Solutions supplies flow wrapping film in all available materials. Fin seal material can be clear or opaque, printed or plain, single layer film or multilayer laminate structures.

Film Material Type:

Polypropylene (PP-OPP): lightweight, rigid, and tough semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer

Polyester (PET): resin film that is clear and resistant to environmental factors, such as oil, sunlight, etc.

VMPET: flexible composite of aluminum and plastic, adapting qualities of both Polyethylene (PE): low-density thermoplastic polymer

LLDPET: Linear, low density polyethylene, highly flexible with high tensile strength Foil Laminations: thin, laminated metal that can be placed on a variety of plastics

Paper/Polyethylene Laminations: Plastic coated paper

Glassine Film: glossy, smooth, oil-resistant paper

Valeron Film: high strength polyethylene

Holographic Film:

Shrink Film: polymer plastic that, when wrapped around an object and heated, shrinks tightly to it

Wrapper Design Size Formula (This is only for pillow bags) Web Width: 2 x (Product Width + Product Height + Fin Seal Roller Height + 5mm)
Film Width: 2 x Inside Height + 2 x Inside Width + 1 ¼ inch for the Fin Seal Cutoff Length: Product Height divided by 0.86603 + Total Crimper Width + Total Product Length (Image for Wrapper Design Size Details)